Christmas FM Radio Training – Production Module LMS

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** This module is exclusively for graduates (or current students) of our introductory modules  **

The purpose of the Zoom module is to give you the requisite knowledge to submit and subsequently produce a production project for Christmas FM.
The goal will be to produce 5 or more 30 second inserts for broadcast.

Examples of end product inserts:

  • You will be asked to submit a proposal for Christmas FM to broadcast.
  • You will be expected to script and voice these subject to our production guidelines

The module is to prepare you for the process and workshop any existing ideas alongside creating fresh new ideas for your proposals.

It is important to realise before signing up that completion of the module does not guarantee your proposal will be put into production. We can put all accepted proposals into development, but development does not mean it will get on air. This is subject to the outcome of each project.

Should I sign up:

YES – If you have an idea you think would sound great on air and you have not heard it on air before OR think you can improve on an existing idea. You want to join the Christmas FM team and understand it may take time to work your way through the ranks, and understand this is a good place to start.

NO – If you want to become a presenter only, and are not interested in other roles within the station. 


In stock

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