Podcast Course

In this podcast course, we’ll guide you through each stage of making a podcast – from initial idea to launch.

It’s an intensive course that’ll give you the essentials you need to get your podcast up and running – including planning your show, what equipment to buy, how to prepare for, conduct and record interviews, an introduction to audio editing, where to distribute your podcast and how to build and monetise your audience.

The course is delivered through a mix of Live Zoom modules, Online learning, and remote individual and group work. You will be guided through each step of the process, have access to our learning management system, and have a small group to work with and support you in producing your podcast!

September – Tuesday 6th / 20nd (7-9pm)
October – Tuesday 4th / 18th (7-9pm)

Plus support for the production of your Podcast through both peer and trainer led development sessions over the following 4 weeks

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