Start your own Online Radio Station

Saturday, September 25th – 10am – 5pm

If you have ever thought about setting up your own radio station this is THE course for you.

We will cover:

  • Getting everything from your domain name to your stream hosting and everything in between
  • How to structure your music and use playout systems
  • How to market your station

The course fee covers:

  • A Live Zoom day
  • Online learning platform access
  • 1 year of FREE Icecast stream hosting including Auto DJ software to broadcast remotely
  • 1 year of FREE WordPress website builder with Radio Player included
  • Streaming encoder and Playout software advice (and downloads) to broadcast from home
  • Technical Q+A 1 week after the course to cover any issues with set up you may have

This course will follow the broadcast path of an online radio station and show you how to set it all up step by step. 

Music and Voice – Sent to Stream Hosting via Encoder or Software – Stream Hosting – Player

We’ll show you how to:

  • Set up in the cloud or broadcast from home. We’ll show you both options and step by step instruction on how to do it.
  • Get the right music and how to structure it so it sounds at its best.
  • Get music beds for promos and ads
  • Script and find Imaging, Jingles and Voiceovers
  • Send audio from your computer to your streaming service
  • Make that audio sound great
  • Broadcast through an Auto DJ in the cloud (cloud playout system) or from home
  • Market the radio station 
  • Have other DJ’s login to the station to do shows
  • Join an instant community of people who are looking to achieve similar goals and support each other after the course.

Your trainer manages the streaming for one of Ireland’s most listened to streaming radio stations with over 10 million streams worldwide every year.
This course is specifically for those who want to cut out the big learning curve that comes with setting up an online radio station.

This course does not cover presentation skills as this is dealt with in our Radio Course.

Module Fee: €99

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