School FM – Radio Training

We have a number of courses aimed specifically at School students.

The award in Radio Production will show students how to produce and present radio shows for an internet, community and commercial radio. Even if you have never presented a programme before you’ll find the course fun and informative and full of hands on experience.

You will learn how to:

  • Record, edit and produce audio for radio
  • Develop and use radio presentation skills
  • Develop and use radio news research skills
  • Develop and use radio production assistant skills

The course uses industry standard hardware and software and was developed in conjunction with the hugely successful Christmas FM.
Your tutors on the school radio course have industry experience and qualifications.

What Your Students Will Gain From School Radio Training:

  • Build confidence and self esteem.
  • Improved speaking and listening skills.
  • Learn to write creative scripts and copy.
  • Conduct research into a range of topics.
  • Work as a team.
  • Understand the value of communication.

Training Modules

(pick and choose the modules you require, taught in school, with our portable studio)
Introduction to Radio Broadcasting – (6 hour taster)
The following modules can be assembled to work as 2 Day, 1 or 2 Week intensive, 5/6 Week (Term) one day per week dependent on your TY requirements.
The 30 hour course would form an ideal Gaisce project leading, as it does, to a recognised qualification (pending).
Off-site training available.
Develop and use radio news research skills (1 credit/10 Hours)
Develop and use radio presentation skills (1 credit/10 Hours)
Develop and use radio production skills (1 credit/ 10 Hours)
Record, edit and produce audio for radio (3 credits/30 Hours)

These training modules can be done as stand alone modules or included in the set up of your School Radio Station with 10% off the fees.
Cost for Introductory Taster Course – €19 per student
(for minimum 20 students)
Cost per 10 hour module – €49 per student
(for minimum 20 students)
(each 10 hour module can be taught over 2 days, 4×3 hour sessions or flexible format as required)

Is there a way to Showcase our Students Talents?
Absolutely, We also offer a full fit out and training program to get your school up and running with a complete in house radio station broadcasting online and ready to operate on FM if this is an option for your school.
Also, we are planning a Temporary School Radio Station for Dublin in Summer 2018. It will broadcast for 30 days (subject to licence) and showcase the talent within our School Network

What Is The Next Step?
Contact us today and we can call out to your school to discuss your requirements and set up a plan for getting you on air.

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