Radio are delighted to be fulfilling the Christmas FM Dublin Radio Training Course once again in 2018. We have trained a lot of the voices that you hear every year on Christmas FM both in Ireland and on the Christmas FM Digital Services. We are proud to be a part of such a great project and look forward to meeting more great talent this year.

Christmas FM Dublin Radio Training Course

I was taken aback at the amount we managed to cover in such short time yet in a professional and supportive environment. Adrian, was approachable and patient but pushed us also.

Pyria Gill

Course Student

It certainly gave a huge insight into the workings of radio and Christmas FM in particular.

Carol Abbey

Course Student

I found the course really informative. I now feel so much more confident with both the editing software and the desk in the studio.

Ashleigh Nolan

Course Student

Adrian did a really good job in keeping it all together. The highlight for me was getting to practice in the studio, which was great.

Austin McEvoy

Course Student

It was a really enjoyable course, and for someone who has always had a little itch for radio presenting it certainly served me well.

Art McGauran

Course Student

One of the most challenging rewarding things I did last year. Although it was daunting and nerve wrecking at times I enjoyed every second and caught the bug.

Deirdre Flynn

Course Student