Online Radio Course – Voice Tracking – March 2024

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Course Dates:  March 2nd / March 9th / March 23rd – Saturday 10am – 1pm

4 Modules including 8 weeks of practical on air radio experience and assessment. 

This is the course for you if you have ever wanted the opportunity to do a practical, foundation course in Radio Presentation and Production, with the option to progress your learning with practical experience on our own training radio station. No extra equipment is required for the initial 4 modules. You can use any microphone (phone/pc/tablet) to practice. A USB microphone is the minimum requirement for the radio station module (advice on purchase will be given on the course). This is an Online Course, where we teach how to Voice Track – recording your show from home.

Our Professional Radio Training courses are taught by experienced lecturers and broadcasters and are currently held via Zoom. No experience is necessary. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of radio either to start yourself off as a hobby or to get started with a career in the radio sector. At the end of the module, you will have the opportunity to progress via our modular system and start to gather content for a demo to use for applying to Radio Stations, and direct access to apply for Christmas FM. 

  • Learn about radio presentation.
  • Find out how radio shows work.
  • Learn about radio production.
  • Get involved in a Radio Station.
  • Gain valuable hands on practical experience.

Course Progression:

As a student you will have exclusive access to our training radio station, where you can participate in radio shows and production for our in-house online Radio Station. You can also opt in to our optional Modules. The perfect way to gain the practical experience you need to advance your skills.

Introductory Module: 3 hours

Developing and using radio presentation skills alongside Scripting and Presentation:

  • Basics of Radio
  • Basics of Scripting
  • Basics of Presentation
  • Writing Script
  • Recording and Reading a script.

You will finish the module by preparing scripts for presentation and an assignment to do at home in preparation for Module 2. Over the 4 modules, you will be learning to script, edit and present a show on the radio. By module 4 you will have presented your first show, and be ready to present a full radio show online.

Module 2: 3 hours

Presentation and Recording:

  • Basics of On Air presentation
  • Recording Voice Pt. 2
  • Script Review for On Air
  • What is Remote Voice Tracking
  • How to Remote Voice Track
  • Workshop scripts for 1 hour show

You will be prepared for and scheduled to present a 1 hour show remotely on our in house Radio Station

Module 3: 3 hours

  • Live RVT (remote voice tracking) training.
  • Advanced Voice Tracking techniques
  • Scheduling of On Air experience
  • Review all learning and Q+A

You will have all outstanding learning covered, and be ready to present a radio show on our in house Radio Station

Module 4: 8 weeks of Live On Air Radio Experience

  • You will be assigned a show on our live radio station, broadcasting online on our training station. You will have a 1 hour show every week for 8 weeks to prepare and present. This is done from your home (equipment is needed for this – a USB microphone is the minimum requirement – budget from €50 – we will advise you on the course). You have the option to submit your demo for assessment during and after the Radio Station Module. This process allows you to develop your editing skills and builds a practical library of audio clips to use in your industry demo.


How do I book and pay?

You can book here by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ link above.

Do I need to have a Radio Studio at home?

No extra equipment is required for the initial 4 modules. You can use any microphone (phone/pc/tablet) to practice. A USB microphone is the minimum requirement for the radio station module (advice on purchase will be given on the course). You will be remotely controlling our studios in Ballsbridge, so no radio equipment is necessary other than a USB microphone.

Where does the course take place?

The course is online at present, live via Zoom, 10am – 1pm. You will get an invitation with the zoom link 1 week before the course date, and a reminder closer to the live date. 

Who are the tutors?

Your tutors on the radio course have decades of industry experience and are qualified to teach our Adult and Under 18’s training courses.

How to book:

Use the ‘Add to Cart’ link to book.

payment is for the course dates booked, and is non transferrable.

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