Radio Club


What is the Radio Club

It’s the post graduate club for students looking to advance their knowledge of Radio both in front of, and behind the microphone. The purpose is to go deeper into the world of radio with a structured practical approach. You get a chance to help run your very own Radio Station as a group. Our student station is and you can find it HERE.

Members get:

  • 1 hour show per week on radio station (RVT)
  • Access to Live Studio shows once a month
  • Further education via extra modules (Music scheduling and management for Radio, Production for Radio, Social Media and Marketing for Radio, Live Remote presentation for Radio)

The RadioClub look after the running of Rewind and control the programming. Members can (optionally) choose to help schedule and choose the music, do specialist shows, content, production and social media.

If you want to understand and participate in all aspects of a Radio Station this is your chance. You decide your level of involvement.

Members will also get:

  • Participation in the Christmas FM production project
  • Invitation to apply for Christmas FM Online in October

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