Myriad Overview – Voicetracking in Myriad

[h5p id=”22″] Load up the Automation log on Myriad by going to ‘File>Open Station Database’ and select ‘NorthPole’. (if not already opened) On the log side Select ‘Goto’ and choose the date and time you wish to voicetrack for. When ready to record your voicelink highlight the item you want to play after your link. […]

Basics of Myriad Playout Software

[h5p id=”5″] The four play-out carts which are displayed on-screen are linked to four faders on the desk Voice Tracking Broadcasters usually talk in between tracks when on-air, like what’s just played, what’s up next, or discussing a topic. Automated shows do not allow you to speak between tracks as easily as a fully live […]